Cryptosteel for TREZOR

Cryptosteel, the indestructible backup tool for a bitcoin wallet which stores your confidential information without the use of third parties. Simply hand-assemble your private sentence from the supplied letter-blocks, enclose the data in the cold wallet and rest-assured of its safety.

Cryptosteel comes with more than 280 stainless steel letter blocks engraved on each side. Users are able to store up to 96 characters worth of confidential information in the cold wallet in minutes, guaranteeing the data’s safety without the need for specialized tools. Please keep in mind you only need to store first four characters of each recovery seed word! Thanks to BIP39 standard there is no words which would have the same first 4 letters.

Furthermore, the fact that storing information in Cryptosteel requires no third-party contact (even with us) means the user remains in full control of their own anonymity as well as the security of their data is throughout the process.

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