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Hardware devices like the TREZOR that cannot be infected by malware will make holding bitcoins as easy and secure as holding paper money. They are an exciting step in the evolution of Bitcoin from an experiment for geeks to a payment system anybody can use.
I believe TREZOR users will appreciate the fact that their private keys are never transmitted from myTREZOR to the BOP Bitcoin Server. The transactions are signed purely in the TREZOR device. It is finally safe to use a web wallet, thanks to TREZOR and our BOP Bitcoin Server.
TREZOR has redefined state-of-the-art in financial security. Even the best banks today only issue customers with hardware calculators but these don't match the safety and ease-of-use of TREZOR. This project is showing that the Bitcoin community can rise to even the toughest challenges presented by truly decentralised money.
The question of "how to store your bitcoins" leads to one of the most important decisions for a Bitcoin user to make. TREZOR is the first hardware wallet that offers a really good answer to this question.
I believe TREZOR is a truly organic addition to Bitcoin, something everybody was waiting for without even knowing it. It is a qualitative leap for client-side security.
A hardware wallet will help add extra security to Bitcoin. It provides safe, secure storage for any business or person who wishes to hold bitcoin.
TREZOR is a big step forward in keeping your bitcoins safe. We are looking forward to adding TREZOR support into MultiBit HD.
TREZOR is anonymous digital cryptocurrency you can safely put in your pocket. A tool for people to be their own banks. I want one.
The possibility for a merchant to keep bitcoins from sales, close to heart on a hardware device brings a whole 'nother level of security.

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