About us

TREZOR Shop is the official site for TREZOR™ Hardware Wallet sales, maintained and developed by SatoshiLabs Limited.

shop.trezor.io is the #1 place to purchase TREZOR and TREZOR-related products or TREZOR accessories.

Our company consists of highly experienced sales professionals with more than 20 years of experience in different fields of business, retail and online sales, planning and international trade.

Our team is very proud to provide our services to such a significant innovation stemming from Bitcoin. We strongly believe that TREZOR will mark a new era in the Bitcoin adoption and soon outreach to users outside of the virtual world.

Our Customer Service

We are closely cooperating with the Product manufacturer to ensure that your purchased items are shipped directly from manufacturer's facility to your hands.

Orders of items in stock are usually processed the very same or the next business day following your payment and shipped latest within 3 working days following your payment. Orders of items stacking (backorders) are served at the moment the stock is supplied and in the order as the orders were received.

Currently our customers are offered a free standard priority shipping. We are preparing new shipping options as well.

To ensure a highly skilled and comprehensive customer service, our support has been integrated with the TREZOR Customer Support.

All requests for treatment under our Warranty or Refund policy are handled with priority and if needed consulted directly with the product manufacturer. The manufacturer maintains very high standards for RMA inspections under Warranty and repairs or replacement of the goods.


SatoshiLabs grants us a non-exclusive Licence to use their TREZOR brand, trademark and a right to maintain the E-shop and its contents as well as the TREZOR Affiliate Program. Under this Program, we are granted the right to publish graphical content using or containing the TREZOR brand and all graphical representations of it.