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Bitcoin-only firmware for both Trezor One and Trezor Model T is available now. Enhance your Trezor with the most minimalistic firmware we have ever published, and embrace your inner maximalist.

What is the difference between the regular firmware and the bitcoin-only firmware?

Bitcoin-only firmware has been specifically designed to only contain code enabling the Bitcoin wallet operations. No additional features or coins can be used while this firmware is loaded on a Trezor device.

Do I have to wipe my device in order to install bitcoin-only firmware?

No. You can switch to the bitcoin-only firmware without much of a hassle. Although recommended to have it ready, just in case, you will not need to use your recovery seed to upload the bitcoin-only firmware. If you ever find yourself needing to switch to the full-feature version, you can do it just as easily.

What happens to my altcoins if I install bitcoin-only firmware?

The private keys to your altcoins will remain safely stored within the Trezor environment. However, you won’t be able to manage or access your altcoins in Trezor Wallet until you reinstall the regular firmware.

Do both Trezor One and Model T support bitcoin-only firmware?

Yes, the bitcoin-only firmware is available for both Trezor devices.

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