Invest in crypto with confidence

Start with security and grow savings in
Bitcoin with a Trezor Starter Pack.

Take hold of your finances

Trezor Starter Pack

starter pack
A Trezor Starter Pack is all you need to
build savings in Bitcoin. Keep the keys to
your assets in your hands, offline and
under your sole control.

Set up in minutes and secure your
investments for the long term. No
experience needed!

Four reasons to start using Bitcoin today

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It's easy

Buy, store and manage crypto with no prior knowledge or experience necessary!

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It's safe

Manage your digital assets with the most secure and original hardware wallet.

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It's yours

Get direct control over your digital assets. Your device - your coins.

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It's the future

The Bitcoin world is growing rapidly. It’s never too late to invest.

What's in the Trezor Starter Pack?

Just plug in your new wallet, follow the quick-start guide and redeem your voucher, and
you'll be ready to start building savings right away.

Trezor Model One hardware wallet

Designed to create secure keys to protect your crypto assets, this
industry-first is recognized for security, ease of use and durability.

Storing your keys on a computer leaves them vulnerable. Hardware
wallets are specialized devices that create and stores your crypto
keys offline, safe from hacks and viruses.

Step-by-step guide to securing your Bitcoin

Quick-start guide to securing Bitcoin

This Trezor Quick-Start guide explains the essentials of storing Bitcoin to give
new users a safe start.

Learn how to set up a Trezor Model One, back it up against loss, and
buy, use and trade crypto from the safety of self-custody.

Crypto voucher

Redeem the voucher for an extra boost to your first investment at
no extra cost. The Coinify gift code adds an extra €25 or €50 to
the total amount of cryptocurrency you buy in Trezor Suite*.

To use the voucher, customers must buy a minimum of €60
worth of crypto for card purchases, or €75 for bank transfers.

*Purchases must be completed using Coinify via the Trezor Suite
Trade menu. The voucher code is applied at checkout and increases
the total amount of crypto received by the equivalent euro value.

Crypto Voucher

Learn about Bitcoin with Invity

Make sure you’re informed before investing. Read why Bitcoin is the right addition to your investment portfolio, from the experts at Invity. Once you start, you’ll find Invity in Trezor Suite bringing the best instant offers for buying and exchanging crypto.

Common Questions

Why buy a Trezor Starter Pack?

A Trezor Starter Pack lets anyone start using crypto safely without
their private keys ever touching a network. It's a perfect gift for a
friend or even yourself, as Trezor keeps digital assets safe from
hacks and viruses so you can grow your savings and stay in control.

Is cryptocurrency right for me?

Cryptocurrencies are digital money that can be used by anyone in
the world, for free. Other fiat currencies lose value over time
as more money is issued.

At the current 7% inflation rate, the value of money halves every 10
Bitcoin’s fixed supply means prices tend to rise to meet
growing demand, helping preserve investors’ savings.

How do I buy crypto with Trezor?

Trezor Suite, the free interface that comes with your hardware
wallet, has integrated Invity, an exchange service that lets you buy,
exchange and sell
cryptocurrency directly from your Trezor.

Check out Invity's Beginner's Guide to Crypto.

Do I need a hardware wallet to use Bitcoin?

Hardware wallets are physical devices that keep keys offline and
ensure that transactions are not being tampered with, so what you
see is always what you sign.

Software wallets can be compromised and leak your keys or make you sign a malicious transaction.

Learn more

What do I need to invest in crypto?

All you need to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is a secure
way to create digital keys and an exchange. Trezor gives you both in
one secure package.

Learn more

What if I break or lose my hardware wallet?

A broken hardware wallet is nothing to worry about as long as you
back it up correctly. Your Starter Pack will show you how to create a
safe backup before you start investing.

Learn more

Why use Bitcoin for savings?

Bitcoin has historically outperformed all other traditional
investments. Although price growth is not guaranteed in future, it is
a resilient new technology with growing adoption.

Monetary inflation can be offset by investing in assets with fixed or
predictable supply. Less bitcoin is created as time passes, so
increased demand could see prices grow.

Is it safe to use cryptocurrency?

Like any investment, there are risks to investing in cryptocurrency.
As long as you have sole control over your keys you can prevent

A Trezor Starter Pack lets you start out with unique keys stored
completely offline, keeping your coins safe for the long term so
you can save with confidence.

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What if something goes wrong, can I ask for help?

Trezor support agents are available to troubleshoot any technical
issues you might experience with your Starter Pack. There is also
a lot of free information on Trezor Wiki and Trezor Forum.
Only seek help through these official channels.

How do keys work?

Cryptographic keys are strings of data that sign messages such as
Bitcoin transactions, proving the key owner is the signer. For the
keys to be secure, they must be unique.

If your private keys end up online they are easily copied and no
longer safe to use.

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Should I trade bitcoin?

"Time, not timing, is key to building wealth" is the advice of investor
Bill Miller. A consistent 7% annual growth on an investment would
double the figure in 10 years and increase it thirty times in 50 years.

Many investors lose their money trying to time the market. Price
swings do happen, but taken into perspective Bitcoin has shown
positive returns over its lifetime.

Choose your Trezor Starter Pack

Trezor Starter Pack with €25 voucher

Make the moment
memorable with a bonus
€25 of crypto when you
make your first purchase.


  • Trezor Model One hardware wallet
  • Quick-start guide to securing bitcoin
  • €25 crypto voucher

Trezor Starter Pack with €50 voucher

Invest with confidence and
top up an additional €50 of
crypto when you make your
first purchase.


  • Trezor Model One hardware wallet
  • Quick-start guide to securing bitcoin
  • €50 crypto voucher